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This is Taaha Yasir Rahman, a skilled IELTS teacher and business owner with 5 years of experience.

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About Me

As a seasoned IELTS instructor, my commitment lies in assisting students in attaining their desired scores on the test. Backed by a strong foundation in English language teaching and fueled by a passion for facilitating others’ success, I deliver tailored and effective instruction to enhance students’ reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

I have guided numerous students towards achieving the scores imperative for their academic and professional aspirations. I am confident in my ability to assist you in reaching your objectives as well. Through my mentorship and support, you can attain the desired score on the IELTS test, propelling you forward in your academic and professional voyage.

Furthermore, I oversee a business wherein my company furnishes efficient digital solutions and strategies. These aids empower businesses to establish a compelling online presence.


What I Do

IELTS Instruction

I was a former faculty member and IELTS instructor of Hexa's Education, Moulvibazar Branch. Now taking courses in private.

Own A Business

I am Co-founder and managing director of a digital servicing agency named Virtualswift.

Team Leadership

As a MD of Virtualswift, I lead the team and make business strategy for my company

Momentous Memories

Best times from best people.

What My Students Say


Habib Emon Scored 7.5

Sir always helped me and taught me a lot of things as simply as possible. Was always helpful and kind towards me. I'll be forever grateful to him for the things he has taught me

Emtiyaz Scored 7.0

Yasir sir is one of the best instructor/teacher I had. He’s very humble and motivational. Sir creates an encouraging learning environment, making the learning experience enjoyable. Sir helped me a lot on my IELTS journey. Because of his help I was able to achieve a good score on my IELTS. Learning journey with Yasir sir was a pleasant experience.

Sadman Scored 7.0

Respected Sir, An amazing teacher is like you, hard to find and impossible to forget. Your classes were just so inspirational! You were always there for me, whenever I needed you. With your support, I was able to score 7 in IELTS test. You made me eligible for taking the test though I was not so adept at English. What the best part is your writing classes was amazing and we understood all the method without any hesitation. Thank you for being the best teacher a student could ever hope for.

Afsar Scored 7.0

The steps you showed me and the encouragements that you gave me, really helped me to get a overall band score of 7 in my IELTS exam. Your attitude and methods of teaching in the class really helped me to understand all the difficult the questions and solve them very easily. I'm truly grateful to had such a eminent mentor like you sir . Your mentorship and attributes not only inspired as a student but also as a human being.

Jubyer Scored 7.0

Yasir sir is exceptional at his job, and he is very kind and dedicated to all the students. I am highly inspired by Sir's teaching, and this has made my dream goal come true. I will always be grateful for his guidance and pray for his success every step of the way. A good teacher can make learning easy, and this is true to its core. I thank Yasir sir for everything and will always pray for his well-being.

Antor Scored 6.5

I am incredibly grateful for my IELTS teacher Yasir Sir. His dedication and insightful teaching methods played a pivotal role in helping me achieve a score of 6.5 in the IELTS exam. Specially for his support in reading and writing, I secured 6.5 in reading and 6 in writing. He boosted my confidence and language skills, making my success possible. Thank you for your outstanding guidance sir.

Dipto Aditya Scored 6.5

Yasir Rahman sir's exceptional teaching transformed my IELTS journey. With his smart methods and unwavering support, I achieved an impressive overall score of 6.5 (L: 7.0, W/R/S: 6.0). His dedication and effective communication make him a standout instructor. A true asset for IELTS aspirants. Wishing him continued success!

Farzana Scored 6.5

Yasir Rahman has been an excellent mentor in Hexa's Moulvibazar, providing guidance and support throughout my journey. Their expertise and insight have been invaluable in helping me achieve my goals. I highly recommend Yasir sir as a mentor to anyone looking to advance their career.

Mahima Scored 6.0

I am very lucky to have a teacher like you in my IELTS journey. You explained everything to us very seriously and also gave us time to deal with our weaknesses. Overall, I could say you are a really good teacher. Thank you, Sir.

Sadi Scored 6.5

My beloved teacher Yasir Rahman (Hafizahullah) who taught me IELTS in a deep & clear method, however, I've got 6.5 overall band score, but regarding IELTS learning techniques my basic was approximately 0, he helped me, although I've learned more than IELTS from him, which would help me in present & future. Jazakallahu Khairan ❤.

Moynul Islam Scored (GT- 6.0)

It was a less than one and a half month journey with my teacher Yasir Sir, and within these few days I learned nearly every type of IELTS technique and obtained a vast amount of knowledge about it, and I received a band 6 in my IELTS final exam. And, most importantly, he is the most friendly and honest person I have ever found.

Aporajita Deb Scored 6.0

First and foremost, I feel so proud that I have a teacher like you. I clearly remember that before entering your class, I was too weak at English, however, your teaching method and motivations helped me to improve my English. Your friendly behaviour always gave us the freedom to ask any question. Because of you, I achieved my desired score at the IELTS exam. Everyone in our batch says that you are the best teacher. Sir, thank you so much for teaching and motivating us. You are my idol and inspiration. I want to be a truthful and kind person like you. I pray that every student has a teacher like you.

Shakera Scored 6.0

Respected sir.. It was really an honor to have a teacher like you to have a good score in IELTS. You were so polite and friendly. Your methods of teaching were so wonderful and refreshing also you gave us the freedom to ask and seek knowledge from you at any circumstances. Every class was full of motivation which helped us to integrate our confidence. Not only me, our entire batch is very lucky to find a teacher like you. Thank you, sir. You are a good memory in my educational life. I wish you the best for you always and forever.

Sirajul Islam Scored 6.0

Dear sir, many students have seen the face of success by holding your hand. I am one of them. First of all I would like to thank my dear teacher Yasir sir. His invaluable dedication and guidance helped me to achieve success in a short span of time.

Noushin Scored 6.5

Yasir Rahman sir,was my IELTS instructor. Because of his expertise in IELTS, I believe that he is the best IELTS instructor in Moulvibazar. However,his teaching methods and instructions are excellent. He is a very kind person and that’s why,students do not hesitate to discuss any problems with him. Whenever I found any question difficult to solve, I asked him, and he always helped me. His guidance and directions helped me score 6.5 in the IELTS exam. I’m very grateful to him and wish him all the best for his future endeavours.

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